Peepers takes Wander prisoner on Lord Hater's ship, but Wander gets loose, so Peepers must catch him again before Lord Hater finds out.





Lord Hater

Commander Peepers



Hater: Now, I'm going to my torture room and I want you to bring me Wander immediately. Or else..

Hater zaps the ground around Peepers
Peepers: [Screaming]
Hater pulls Peepers into a hug.
Hater: Got it, Pal?
Hater pulls Peepers' helmet down over his eye.
Hater: Psych! We're not pals! Hater out!

Hater teleports away

Peepers captures Wander

Peepers: Ooooooh, that was so hard!
Mimicking Hater
Peepers: But seriously, this is not going to be easy. He's a tricky one.
Rolls his eye

Peepers: Yeah right, Lord Hater. If ya ask me, I should be the one in charge.

Wander sees a series of aliens imprisoned in cages
Wander: Wow. Well that's one star off my five star review. These guest accommodations are lousy.

Wander: Food Fight!

Peepers gets hot sauce thrown at his eye
Peepers: Ahhh! Hot sauce!
Peepers gets hit in the eye with a lemon
Peepers: Oooow! Lemon!
Pepper gets thrown into his eye

Peepers: Ahhhhhh! Pepper!

Peepers: Oh no! Not the self destruct! What do I do, What do I do? The only one who knows the deactivation code is-

Peepers notices Hater looming over him from behind
Peepers: Lord Hater! Hey Buddy... It's not what ya think.</sub>
The countdown reaches 15 seconds
Peepers: I totally had him! I did!
The countdown reaches 14 seconds
Peepers: Bu-but his sidekick sucker punched me and-
Small explosions go off nearby
Peepers: And I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.
The countdown reaches 12 seconds

Peepers: And it's a Monday! You know how Mondays are!


Commander Peepers' Theme Song


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Story by

Lauren Faust, Craig McCracken, Ben Joseph, Johanna Stein, Alex Kirwan & Greg White

Written by

Lauren Faust & Greg White

Storyboard by

Dave Thomas

Directed by

Dave Thomas

With the voice talents of

Jack McBrayer as Wander

April Winchell as Sylvia

Keith Ferguson as Lord Hater

Tom Kenny as Commander Peepers

Additional voices

Keith Ferguson

Tom Kenny

Fred Tatasciore

April Winchell

Ending Animatic

Wander is in Lord Hater's bedroom, rocking out on one of Hater's guitars. Peepers declares that he is mad and climbs up the tower of amps to grab him, but by the time he climbs to the top, Wander has already abandoned the guitar and jumped down. With a wave, Wander runs away.

The Prisoner Credits Animatic

The Prisoner Credits Animatic