Episode Synopsis

Lord Hater's battle against Emperor Awesome for ultimate cosmic power is continually disrupted when Wander has a picnic right next to the battleground.





Lord Hater

Commander Peepers

Emperor Awesome


Fist Fighters

Celestial Being


"The latch, oh, what are you? Undo the latch. No, not the, what is he do? It is so obvious. "
— Lord Hater, while watching Wander struggle to open the picnic basket

"Bro, do you even know how hard I slam? Dinosaur Charge!"
— Emperor Awesome, to Lord Hater

"Mustard or Mayo?"
— Wander, offering Hater a sandwich

"Bro, seriously, can we wrap this up? I have a tanning session in like fifteen."
— Emperor Awesome, to Lord Hater




Story by

Ben Joseph , Lauren Faust , Alex Kirwan , Craig McCracken , Johanna Stein & Greg White

Written by

Ben Joseph

Storyboard by

Eddie Trigueros

Directed by

Eddie Trigueros

With the voice talents of

Jack McBrayer as Wander

April Winchell as Sylvia

Keith Ferguson as Lord Hater

Tom Kenny as Commander Peepers

Sam Riegel as Emperor Awesome

Additional voices

Keith Ferguson

Tom Kenny

Jack McBrayer

Sam Riegel

Fred Tatasciore

April Winchell

Ending Animatic

Wander Over Yonder-The Picnic End Credits00:32

Wander Over Yonder-The Picnic End Credits

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