Wander and Sylvia are asked to deliver a closed box, but Wander can't stop obsessing over opening it.





Snail man the Mailman

Lord of Illumination


Wander: You're right. Whatever's in here probably isn't all that interesting anyway. Like, blank address labels, or stickers, or flashcards, or a chocolate spoon, or a green eraser, or a disposable "pilla", or a night-vision monocle, or a fake lung, or tinsel, or a bat, or a hat, or a bat with a hat.

Sylvia is loosing her patience

Wander: Or a hat with a bat!

Sylvia: Maybe we should just turn in.

Wander: Ah, even better. Snoozing a spell always whiles away my worries.
Sylvia: 'Night, Wander.

Wander: 'Night Boxia.

Wander: You can't box me, Boxia! I'm gonna box this box and there's noth- a box a box can box box!

Sylvia: [Sighs] Go ahead. Do it.
Wander: Huh?

Sylvia: Listen, I believe you can overcome this, but it doesn't matter if ya don't believe it yourself.

Sylvia: Listen, you cosmic creeps! My Buddy here, doesn't want your "greater conscious" hullabaloo! What he wants, is to see something, in the box! So. Put. Something. In. The. Box.

Lord of Illumination: But, uh, we are the Lords of Illumination and I don't think you can talk to us this way.
Sylvia twists his arm behind his back

Lord of Illumination: Ah, ah, ah! Ok, ok, it's cool! It's cool.

Lord of Illumination: Our intent was to teach Wander, but it seems as though we were the ones in need-
Sylvia: Oh just stop it.

Lord of Illumination 1 holds up Greatest Grandpa Keychain

lord of Illumination 1: I didn't know you were a Grandpa.

Lord of Illumination 2: You never ask me about my personal life.



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Story by

Lauren Faust, Ben Joseph, Alex Kirwan, Craig McCracken, Tim McKeon, Johanna Stein, Dave Thomas & Greg White.

Written by

Tim McKeon

Storyboard by

David Gemmill

Directed by

Dave Thomas

With the voice talents of

Jack McBrayer as Wander

April Winchell as Sylvia

John Hodgeman as Lord of Illumination

Fred Tatasciore as Snailman the Mailman

Kevin Michael Richardson as Glen

Additional voices

April Winchell, Kevin Michael Richardson & Fred Tatasciore

Ending Animatic

An extended version of Wander looking inside the box to see thousands of other Wanders opening the box.