Benjamin (Ben) Balistreri was a Storyboard Artist and Character Designer for Wander Over Yonder. Previous titles he has worked on include How To Train Your Dragon, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Madagascar 3 and Danny Phantom.


Ben studied at The University of Arizona in Tucson before attending Cal Arts for two years.

Ben had a six year run as a storyboard artist at Dreamworks where he boarded on How To Train Your Dragon among other movies. He is an Emmy Award winner for his character designs on Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. He worked as a Storyboard Artist and Character Designer at Nickelodeon for Danny Phantom.

He has been nominated for seven Annie Awards and has his own self published graphic novel, "Seaweed, and the cure for Mildew". [1]


Episodes he directed

Season 2

  • The Cartoon
  • The Party Poopers
  • The Sick Day

Episodes he storyboarded

Season 2

  • The It
  • The Battle Royale
  • The Black Cube
  • The Cartoon
  • The Party Poopers
  • The Sick Day

Social Media

Tumblr: Benbalistreri

Blogspot: Benbalistreri

Twitter: BenBalistreri



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