30 Day Trending Project

There were suggestions from users on expanding Trending Twenty-Seventh into a 30 day trending project. We already did a 30 day email campaign back in August so that coudl be the basis for this project. The aim would be to get Wander Over Yonder trending on Tumblr (and possibly other websites) for a whole month. 

For Tumblr, fans would need to queue their posts for each day of the month. Daily topics will be provided, and of course fans are welcome to make their own Wander Over Yonder posts as they do now and fanart and make other WOY posts to help boost the number of posts.

Think this is do-able? I certainly do. We will need a lot of time in advance to prepare so I'm thinking we could do this for November. Think this is a good idea? Any suggestions on how to improve this? Let me know in a reply!