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• 9/16/2016

National Holidays - WOY style!

I have a fanart idea that involves real holidays. This was inspired by Disney XD's Dogicature video to celebrate National Day Day. I see these strange little holidays trending a lot on Facebook and Twitter so why not try to branch WOY off into these holidays in an attempt to gain more interest in the show and the campaign?

People could be browsing through, for example, "National Dog Day" and come across a WOY Dogicature and either share it, allowing more people to see it or look into what the character is from and maybe give the show a watch. It's basically a type of promotion for WOY, but using these national holidays. The fanart couls be posted to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and more on the day and maybe I could even compile them all into one big video to post on the day.

I've had a quick scour through the holidays up until the end of 2016 and I've jotted down these ones so far -

Friday, October 7th - World Smile Day (Draw a smiling Wander as he's always spreading happiness and kindess)

October 31st - Halloween - (Draw a Halloween scene with the WOY characters)

Thursday, November 3rd – Sandwich Day (A day of the infamous Mustard or Mayo)

Sunday, November 13th – World Kindness Day (Draw Wander and Sylvia spreading kindess)

Thursday November 24th - Thanksgiving (Draw a Thankgiving scene involving the WOY characters)

Tuesday, November 29th – Square Dance Day (Draw your favorite characters square dancing)

Monday, December 5th – Day of the Ninja (Draw your favorite WOY character as a ninja)

Sunday, December 25th  - Christmas (Draw a Christmas picture with the WOY characters)

These are just the holidays that made the most sense (there aren't many left in this year to choose from) so what are your thoughts? WOuld you take part? Think it could work?

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• 9/29/2016

Definitely a good plan, here! I think submitting any art to Disney XD's tumblr or tagging them on twitter would also be a good way to maybe get their attention, even if they don't acknowledge it. 'Cause there's the chance they'll at least see it, y'know? 

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