SaveWOY Q&A Video

I have an idea for a SaveWOY video that will be similar to Operation Fan Boom and the 30 day email campaign. Basically, a set of questions will be asked about Wander Over Yonder and saveWOY, such as "Why do you want to save the show?", "what has WOY done for you?" and "What is your favorite thing about WOY?" Then fans will video themselves answering these questions. I will then then compile all of the submitted answers into one final video.

I know that a lot of fans are shy, so a photo of themselves or a drawing will suffice, along with their answer in a written format that can be sent to my email address. Videos of actual people would work so much better for this video though as we want Disney to see the 'real' fans of WOY so they can identify them as actual people rather than seeing a drawing with a written answer.

Thoughts? Would you take part in this? Any suggestions on how to improve it?