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• 11/27/2017

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• 1/14/2017

44th Annie Awards

Wander Over Yonder has been nominated for 3 categories for the 44th Annie Awards, happening this February.
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• 9/29/2016

Last episode you watched?

Just re-watched both "The End of the Galaxy" and "The Greater Hater" (one after the other) about a week ago on demand. Still blown away by the quality of those episodes!! And still die a little inside at the final credit animatic. Sigh. Someday!
How about everyone else? Watch any episodes lately?
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• 9/16/2016

The SaveWOY Petition

The biggest SaveWOY petition currently has 36,197 sigantures. New fans are still cropping up as I;m seeing in the petition comments.
Have you signed the petition? How many signatures do you think would be enough to change Disney's mind? Any ideas on how to promote the petition more? What do you think about the number of petitions that the SaveWOY campaign has?
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• 9/16/2016

Hi! I'm Peepsqueak

Hey there! I'm known to the WOY fandom as Peepsqueak. I'm the founder of the SaveWOY Wikia and Campaign. I'm also Mod Peepers for the SaveWOY tumblr page  and I run the biggest SaveWOY petition. My favorite character ,as you've probably already guessed, is Commander Peepers. He's just so cute! I'm mostly active on Tumblr as Peepsqueak . 
I like to draw fanart of the show, especially of Hater and Peepers. I'm also a huge Death Glare shipper (Peepers X Lord Hater). I haven't drawn anything recently though as my job and the SaveWOY campaign take up all of my free time but you can see my artwork on both my Tumblr and my DeviantART page .
I'm new to Wikipedia and Wikias so please bear with me as I learn the ropes and do my best to maintain this wikia. I'm counting on you all to help me out, both with the wikia and the SaveWOY campaign!
If you have any questions about the campaign or the wikia please feel free to contact me.
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• 9/16/2016

September 16th 2016 - 36,000 Signatures

On September 10th, 2016, the biggest SaveWOY petition reached 36,000 signatures. I posted the never before seen animatic for the episode "The Search For Captain Tim" on Tumblr as a reward. The petition is currently on 36,197 signatures. It's still rising, which is great. Hopefully we will reach 37,000 signatures soon.
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• 9/16/2016

Mustard or Mayo

There have been requests from fans in the past to send Disney sachets of mustard and mayo as a protest to WOY's cancellation. This has been done in the past to other companies and have sometimes been successful.
Personally, I do not approve of this idea for a number of reasons. 1) Postage costs. 2) Disney Getting annoyed. 3) The mess it could make. My alternative to this would be to have an image of a tub of mustard or mayo and based on what the fans, themselves, would pick, print out that image, write #SaveWOY on the paper somewhere and mail it to Disney, or even email it to them.
However, this project runs a huge risk of annoying Disney if enough people do this. I have put off this idea many times in the past as a result. It could go either way, it could annoy Disney so much that they start to disapprove of the SaveWOY campaign and its fans, or they could be annoyed enough to grant the fans a third season, maybe admire the fans' dedication.
This idea needs a lot of debating and should only be used as an absolute last resort as it could affect the rest of the campaign in a bad way if Disney fails to see the humor in it.
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• 9/16/2016

September Mailing Campaign

Are you taking part in the September Mailing Campaign? So far we have roughly 470 participants. The idea is to bombard Disney with SaveWOY letters. Mailing campaigns have played a big part in saving shows in the past. I provided a template for fans to either directly print out and mail to Disney or to use as inpiration to create their own letters. The letters are beign sent to Marc Buhaj.
Do you think 470 participants is enough to make an impact? Personally, I was hoping for a lot more, but many fans are unable to mail letters for reasons such as money and age so 470 is still a pretty good number.
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• 9/16/2016

Trending Twenty-Seventh

So Trending Twenty-Seventh is currently only active on Tumblr every 27th of each month (because that is the date the finale premiered). So far it has been successful in getting 'Wander Over Yonder' trending for roughly 24 hours.
What are your thoughts on expanding it? It's going to be a lot tougher to get it trending on Twitter and Facebook but it's certainly not impossible.
There are also suggestions of changing it to become a weekly thing, and for one month to have a 30 day theme to get WOY trending on Tumblr for a whole month. What are your thoughts on these?
This project is definitely effective as I have seen people on Tumblr and Twitter express interest in the show and the campaign due to it trending even after the show has finished.
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• 9/16/2016

30 Day Email Campaign

Did anyone here contribute to the 30 day email campaign? If so, did you send an email every day, or just a few? What was your favorite subject? Did you enjoy this project? Would you like to see another one in future?
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• 9/16/2016

Operation Fan Boom

Did anyone on this wiki contribute to Operation Fan Boom? If so, what kind of submission did you send in? Are you looking forward to seeing the final video? Do you think it will be a big help for the campaign?
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• 9/16/2016

SaveWOY Livestream

I am still planning a large SaveWOY livestream for some time at the end of the year. To reign in any fans that might have drifted away, encourage new fans and people to join us and watch the show, to remind fans why this show needs to be saved and to get everyone together for some fun.
There will be competitions involved in the chatbox during the stream for fans to participate in to win some prizes. Most of these competitions will be ways to help promote both SaveWOY and the show.
The main goal of the livestream will be for everyone to have fun, though. Fans will be encouraged to invite their friends along who have never watched the show before. All of the episodes, including the shorts will be shown over the weekend. I have seen Tumblr users comment that they want to watch WOY but just haven't gotten around to it yet so this could be their chance.
Would you attend the stream? Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve this idea?
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• 9/16/2016

30 Day Trending Project

There were suggestions from users on expanding Trending Twenty-Seventh into a 30 day trending project. We already did a 30 day email campaign back in August so that coudl be the basis for this project. The aim would be to get Wander Over Yonder trending on Tumblr (and possibly other websites) for a whole month. 
For Tumblr, fans would need to queue their posts for each day of the month. Daily topics will be provided, and of course fans are welcome to make their own Wander Over Yonder posts as they do now and fanart and make other WOY posts to help boost the number of posts.
Think this is do-able? I certainly do. We will need a lot of time in advance to prepare so I'm thinking we could do this for November. Think this is a good idea? Any suggestions on how to improve this? Let me know in a reply!
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• 9/16/2016

National Holidays - WOY style!

I have a fanart idea that involves real holidays. This was inspired by Disney XD's Dogicature video to celebrate National Day Day. I see these strange little holidays trending a lot on Facebook and Twitter so why not try to branch WOY off into these holidays in an attempt to gain more interest in the show and the campaign?
People could be browsing through, for example, "National Dog Day" and come across a WOY Dogicature and either share it, allowing more people to see it or look into what the character is from and maybe give the show a watch. It's basically a type of promotion for WOY, but using these national holidays. The fanart couls be posted to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and more on the day and maybe I could even compile them all into one big video to post on the day.
I've had a quick scour through the holidays up until the end of 2016 and I've jotted down these ones so far -

Friday, October 7th - World Smile Day (Draw a smiling Wander as he's always spreading happiness and kindess)
October 31st - Halloween - (Draw a Halloween scene with the WOY characters)

Thursday, November 3rd – Sandwich Day (A day of the infamous Mustard or Mayo)
Sunday, November 13th – World Kindness Day (Draw Wander and Sylvia spreading kindess)

Thursday November 24th - Thanksgiving (Draw a Thankgiving scene involving the WOY characters)
Tuesday, November 29th – Square Dance Day (Draw your favorite characters square dancing)

Monday, December 5th – Day of the Ninja (Draw your favorite WOY character as a ninja)

Sunday, December 25th  - Christmas (Draw a Christmas picture with the WOY characters)
These are just the holidays that made the most sense (there aren't many left in this year to choose from) so what are your thoughts? WOuld you take part? Think it could work?
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• 9/16/2016

SaveWOY Q&A Video

I have an idea for a SaveWOY video that will be similar to Operation Fan Boom and the 30 day email campaign. Basically, a set of questions will be asked about Wander Over Yonder and saveWOY, such as "Why do you want to save the show?", "what has WOY done for you?" and "What is your favorite thing about WOY?" Then fans will video themselves answering these questions. I will then then compile all of the submitted answers into one final video.
I know that a lot of fans are shy, so a photo of themselves or a drawing will suffice, along with their answer in a written format that can be sent to my email address. Videos of actual people would work so much better for this video though as we want Disney to see the 'real' fans of WOY so they can identify them as actual people rather than seeing a drawing with a written answer.
Thoughts? Would you take part in this? Any suggestions on how to improve it?
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